Rural Traditional Heritage


In one you can see the village and a girl getting married. In the other you can see how a traditional rope is made as well as how they make a fishing trap.


Happy New Year from Daiva

Happy New Year from Annika – two old habits in Estonia: to make a bread pig that gives luck and to make “krässid” that protect from bad and evil things. The bread is not eaten but it stay at the table during the whole midwinter. Later in the spring I give it to eat for my sheep.

Daiva Šeškauskaitė Concert in Siauliai
Daiva Šeškauskaitė Concert in Kaunas

Here is the Evaluation form for the Erasmus Intensive Program (IP). Feel free to use it!  The form is made by GoogleDocsForm tool.

Take the evaluation form into use in the following way:

You need to get a Google account (make an account = gmail email address at in order to make a copy of the form and use it.
Click on the link to open the form (be sure that you are logged in at your Google account)
Make a copy of the file by pressing File up to the left and Make a copy.
Give your copy a new name and you can use it in your IP project for evaluating the project.

Listen to Daiva giving a concert at Kaimo TV

Ilmari Schepel shows in his blog paintings made by Sven Lokka, a kven. Take a look how the people of the north used to live and still partly is living in the blog writing Sven’s paintings

Trøa Design in RUTH 2008-2009 has changed into Kreativ Kjedsomhed by Marit Haugen and Marita G. Heggstad.

Kreativ Kjedsomhed keep their shop open once a month at Hedmark Campus (at the same time when the cafeteria keeps open). Visit their homepage!

Kreativ kjedsomhed

Some of their products can also be seen here: Kroken – Kimmarit

We wish Kreativ Kjedsomhed all the best!

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